You Can Make a Difference.

Your purchase helps to support a community.

Chekari’s handpainted ceramics share the love of Africa’s beauty while providing a livelihood to the artists who create them, and giving back to Zimbabwe’s children and wildlife.

Children in the Wilderness

Children in the Wilderness is a non-profit organization that aims to facilitate sustainable conservation through leadership development and education of rural children in Africa. The Price family along with Chekari are proud supporters of this environmental and life skills educational program and the positive impact it has on African children.

Our Artists

A group of exceptionally talented artists from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, bring their interpretation of Africa’s wildlife, flora and fauna to the Chekari Collections. Our artists are self-employed and take tremendous pride in their work. Your Chekari purchase helps to support their economic independence which gives them a meaningful place in the local community.

SAVE African Rhino Foundation

The SAVE African Rhino Foundation is a non-governmental organization committed to saving the endangered species of Africa from extinction. Founded in 1987, the organization has a broad range of activities, with a particular focus on the African black rhinoceros and Zimbabwe. Unlike many other non-profit organizations, it is a totally voluntary foundation, run completely by donations. The Price family and Chekari Trading Company are proud supporters of this amazing cause.

Please consider supporting Africa’s children and wildlife by supporting these projects through Chekari Trading Company or directly by contributing to the SAVE African Rhino Foundation and Children in the Wilderness Project.