Out of Africa.

One Vision. Two Collections.

Chekari Trading Company brings unique hand-painted ceramics from Africa, in all her glory to your home to cherish for generations.

One Vision.

Our vision is to share the love of Zimbabwe’s beauty through ceramic handcrafted art, which provides a livelihood to the artists who create the art, and gives back to Zimbabwe’s children and wildlife.

Two Collections.

Chekari celebrates the natural and cultural heritage of Africa through its two collections, The Chekari Collection and The Belinda Mary Collection. Each item is original artwork, where design and color are carefully selected to incorporate centuries-old tribal art styles, alongside contemporary and whimsical interpretations of Africa.

Chekari is a Shona word meaning something that is timeless & priceless.

Shona is one of Zimbabwe’s local languages.

The Chekari Story.


Sue Price, the wife of Hall of Fame golfer Nick Price, shares her sister Belinda’s love of their homeland Zimbabwe, its natural beauty, the wildlife, and the people. With her sister’s passing, Sue took up the mantle of her sister’s work and passion – handmade, hand-painted ceramic one-of-a-kind designer artwork in the form of decorative African tableware. Sue is continuing with Belinda’s vision of bringing Chekari to the world. All pieces are custom creations hand painted by local Zimbabwean artists.


Belinda Mary Dearlove at Home

Our Artists

A group of exceptionally talented artists from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, bring their interpretation of Zimbabwe’s wildlife, flora and fauna to the Collections. Our artists are given use of a studio and its facilities including paints and other materials.

The artists are self-employed and take pride in their work. Their economic independence gives them a meaningful place in the local community as their art is appreciated around the world.

Giving Back.

Chekari Trading Company makes charitable contributions from the sale of each ceramic piece, to organizations that make a difference to the community, children, and the environment of Zimbabwe.

The Price family has supported the non-profit foundations for several years and will continue contributing to Children in the Wilderness Project and SAVE African Rhino Foundation.

 .       Children in the Wilderness .       SAVE African Rhino Foundation

Please consider supporting Africa’s children and wildlife by supporting these projects through Chekari Trading Company or directly by clicking on the logos above.